How to start 

1.  Read about sentral terms in the menu START/sentral terms.

2. First step is to create a user in the system. This should be done for alle handlers, judges and arrangement committee members as they appear separately in the system. This is done only once and is used forever after. You will be given a user name by the system in the form of "NOR- 34f", and you have to enter your own password in the system for you to keep and remember. See details in the sentral consepts menu.

3. Register your dogs. This is also data that are to be registered only once, but they will demand maintenance as development of you competition career goes on. The dog is also given a AgiPro name in the form "NO-552". This is used as a catalog number in all AgiPro competitions and can be used as a dog ID during a competition.

You are now ready to use the system. It now depends on your need what you do. You can either book a dog in a competition og you can start a new competition in the system. Bouth this roles are described under separate menus.

For detailed user guide read more:


1.  Clik on «Register new AgiPro user!» in this picture



Fill in your personal data in this picture:


When this is complete click REGISTER and you will receive a e-mail demanding your response to verify your e-mail adress.


You have to answer this by clicking on the link in the meil. When this is done your user is OK for use and can be used for logging in.  


Be aware - that your username are generated by the system and is displayed on the mail you receive. (Here: NOR-218). If you do not receive any mail within 2 minutes it is probably someting wrong with the mail adress you typed. Alnatiely look in your spam mail - computer generated mail have a tendency to end up beeing classified as spam.

If you do not get the mail you might try to create a new user, with a new mail adress. If it does not work, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an we will change your mail to the correct mail adress.

Next step

When you have logged in, use the My page section,  my dogs menu to registrate your dogs.