When you start a RingPC you have to log in with your normal AgiPro ID and password. The program is found on C:AgiPro/agipro.exe.

To be able to operate the program the administrator have to define you as a secretary or with admin. rights in the AgiPro online part, parameter setting. When you are logged in you may get a question about the competition password. This is asked only the first time this competition is opened on the PC, to realy veryfy that you have the right competition on this PC. The password is given under the parameter menu part 2 in the online system. Just copy it from there and paste it into the ringPC. Remember to do this before you take the RingPC to a non internett site!

You will then come to a picture where you wil chose witch run you will work with. Click on the right run and you will get question about the standard time and course length. If you do not know, put in 1,1 and go on, but remember to correct this as soon as you know. If you forget this the result will be wrong. You can correct this even after the regsitration if nessesary. When data is entered, click OK to start registration. You will then come to a registration picture with the first starting dog already placed in the picture. 


The Ring PC programs data collection part has 4 pictures you can use.

1. Startlist

2a. Registration faults

2b. Registration time

3. Resultlist

Startlist is an overview where you can see the starting posistin of the dogs in this run. It also makes it possible to change the starting order as we go on. You can also seach for a spesific dog by petname or AgiPro no. and put it on the startline regardless of its startposition. Just click on the dog to take it into the registration picture 1. You can also drag and drop dogs on the startlist (a handle is made all the way to the left side) If you have bitches in heat you acn easy put them at the end of the list using a button for this in the registration picture 1. 

The registration pictures.

There are two registration pictures just to make space enough to use a small touch screen to register results. The program will function on most of computer equipment avaliable. 

The registration picture has some data at the top for recognising the dog and the ahndler doing the run. If the handler has put in a picture of the dog it will show here also. 

If the dog gets a fault or a refusal it is just to click on the field on the screen for this. This can be done either by using a mouse or a touch screen and is has minus fuctions if you register one too much. The number of faults or refusals will show on the screen. As soon as you start typing numbers the computer will enter the other picture and give you a used time registrartion. In this picture you also have touch screen for numbers and you can enter this picture by hitting enter on the first screen if you use touch screen for everything. 

The number registration is interperated as beeing seconds up to two digits. If there is a third or fourth digit typed it will put a comma after the 2. digit and give us a two digit number with 2 desimals. If a fifth number is typed it will giva a tree digit number with 2 desimals. Then hit enter and you are finished. The next dog on the startlist will appear. If you have done a wrong registration of time, push the red delete field and start typing the time again (tis will not erase the faults). This gives us: If you have a clean run - just type the 4 digits of the time, seconds and hudreds of a second then type enter and you are done!  It simply can not be simpler! This gives us a lot of time for control and attention to what is going on in the field. 

Errors are done all the time and you can go back and forth between the two picture simply by clicking on the time field. If the result are on the result list already, just go to the result list, click on the result  on the list and you are back in the registration picture for a new try. If the dog is far down on the result list just type the name or the AGiPro no. in the filter field to find the right dog. 

 If you get the wrong dog in the registration picture for one reason or another, you can click on the delay start button and then get the next dog on the list in the picture. This will put the delayed dog at the end of the startlist. If the current dog is not at the field at all, just register it as absent (special button) and it will not be registererd in this run. A third option is of course much moe frequent used - disqualification (disq,). This alsop have a spesial button and brings the next dog on the registration screen.  

In all this cases the next dog on the startlist will be displayed for registration. If that is not the case you will find futions on the startlist to find the right dog. When you find it, just click on it and start registration. If the next dog is not on the startlist there has to ba reason for that. Find the reason, and correct it. One reason can be that the dog is booked with a wrong skill level. If that is the case you shold be able to find the dog in another run. This gives us that the dog is in the competition, and can be added to this run. (see menu for startlist). 

Belopw you see the registration picture 2, registration of used tme. 


is used first of all too control that the registration is done correctly. If you discover faults then you just have to click on the dog and is pulled into teh registration picture for correction. If the standard tme is corrected during the competition it can change the resultlist as well, as the results will be recalculated. If the PC is connected to internett this list will be syncronized with the internett server so the competitors and others can watch the developement of the competiton as teh results are registered. SOme arranging clubs do not want this service, and it can easy be avoided simply by turning off the internet connection in the PC, and turn it back on when the results shall be made avaliable. As soon as the PC gets internett connection it will startn the syncronisation.

This picture also has a few functrion buttons (see picture below.)

Syncronization ring: Click on this to start server syncronization manually. You can use this if you belive there is som problems with the syncronization, but in almost all cases it is not nessesary. 

 Printer: Print out of result list. It comes on screen first and then you can print it on a printer. The printer has to be set as a default printer on the pc. 

If you put this lsit on the screen and then set the PC to renew the screen each 0,5 minit, you will get a continuasly automaticly updated result list. If you set this om a big screen in the competition arena, it can serve as a good service to the competitioors as long as you are connected to the intenet. 

Document - Chose a new run: Click to get the list over avaliable runs on this PC. You can then start a new run. 

Pencil: Can be used to edit the result list. If you use it you can use the crcle with a line to delete results from the list. 

Confirm: A clik on this line brings you to a page where you can confirm the result. It is ment as a confirmation with password from the judge or competition responsible when the run is accepted (Judge formula is signed) This stes the run status to accepted so the viewers can understad that the run is finaly closed.