RUNS - compete against your equals.

Runs  in a competition contains the same as "classes" used in sertain environments. The term run actually contains 3 diffrent parameters that are put together and is sometimes called class. The 3 elements are 

  • Type of run as agility or jump
  • Skill level, normally 1,2 and 3 in the FCI world. Might be up to 7 in sertain countries. 
  • Higth - size of the dog, in FCI small, medium and large. Some countries have more. 

One run, as yoiu see in the picture below can be 3 - A3S. This means that is is run no. 3 in this competition. The run is for dogs that compete in type Agility, Skill level 3 and hight Small. If you click on a run syou will get the startlist for the run. 

Above the run overview you will find the

Date for the run. This can be changed if you want to see the runs for the next day, or the day after. 

My dogs. If you are interested in viewing only your own dogs runs, you can click on the button for My dogs. Then you filter away the runs you di\o not compete in with your dogs. 

On the blue line for run overview you will find all the possible runs for this date in shortname. Click on a shortname and it will turn gey, and you will  get the startlist of the run. click on the same spot to take it away. (It might be unconvenient to have too many startlists on the secreen at the same time). If you as a arragngement responsible wish to make more rus, you can do so on the plan menu. 

The blue buttons under the run overview is avaliable to give random startorder and make the run ready for start. 

In the botom of this picture you see the blue Grey when activated) activation buttons used to make the runs ready for start. 

  • generer# - If you click on this the system will generate random statnumbers for all the marked runs. This has to be done to be able to publish (enable) the run for competiton. 
  • Auto seed - On the right hand side of the dogs on the startlist you will find a seed no. This can be set to any value between 1 and 99. The randomization function will randomize all dogs that have the same seed no. Then they will be sorted into goups sorted by seed no. The Auto seed button will set all skill level 3 dogs to a higher seed than skill level 2 dogs. This can be used if you have a open class run comtainning more than one skill level, but you still want to let the same skill level start together. This can be to avoid kolision with statime in other runs with the same dogs.
  • Seed - Auto seed - On the right hand side of the dogline you will find a seed no. By this no. you can spesify the sequence of the startlist, but still keep the randomization function. The randomization will then be between dogs with the same seed no. The list are sorted with the dogs with the lowest seed at the start. This can be used to put bitches in heat at the end of the run by giving all of them seed 99. They will then be randomized within the other bitches in heat. If you push the autoseed before you generate # in a run that have diffrent skill level dogs, you will automaticly set the skill level 3 dogs on a higher seed than the skill level 2 dogs. This can be handy if there is a overlap in time between another skill level 3 run and this run. Then you start all the skill level 3 dogs at the end of this run so they can finish the other run before they need to go to this ring. 
  • Renumber. If you have generated startnumbers and afterwords sorted some of them manually (drag and drop) you can make new numbers according to the new sequence you have prodused. This button keeps the starting order you have set up but gives new numbers according to this new sequence. 
  • Publish - This  button stes the status that a run is ready for result registration. Only runs with this status set will be made avaliable to a Ring PC production. You have to generate startnumbers before you are allowed to set this status. 
  • Equisides - Produses a document that can be used as a competiton catalog. It lists all the dogs and handlers and what they compete in (see below)

The printer buttons are made to produse startlists. The black one is a list with space for notes and can be used as a notepad for the ring personell. The white one is a startlist that are designed to be hang somwhere around the ring as information to the competitors.