General information about a competition. Information to competitors. 

On the menmu in the competition section we find the menu General. This is ment to function as a information page for the competitiors. It is importantn that the arrngement resonsible use this page to give proper and updated information to the competitors. 

In the upper part of the screen is data about the competiton as arrangement date, booking window, adress of the arena, telephone etc. This follows all screens connected to the competition section when you have chosen a sertain competition. 

If you are logged in you can click omn "my competition plan" and get a document that is suitable to print and take with you to the competition arena. This contains wich dogs will compete in what runs etc. If the arranging club has filled ut a complete competition plan with timetable the start time will shoe here for each run. 

You first find a white field where you can write a welcome greeting and the most important information about the arrangement. There is also a white field underneath with some information that is already registrered in the system. This is competition number (if used), start time, classes, no. of rings and no. of partisipating dogs. 

Then we show a map where the show arena is marked. The marking coms automatic dependent on the adress given for the competition.