Competition booking is quite simpel in AgiPro. You log on to the system and click on the competition you want to partisipate in on the competiton overview you get on the first page.  This is the Competition/Booking menu. Chose the dog you want to partisipate with by clicking the actual dog. If you do not see the right dog it means that you do not have the right to do booking for this dog. 

We observe that when you click on the dog, you will get a overview over the runs your dog can partisipate in on this competition. Chose the right run(s) by clicking on the trading basket on the right so you get a blue cloud over the basket. It means that you have chosen this run. Then you can chose the next dog to book, or you can verify your order by clicking on the MY order sircle almost in the upper right corner. In the new picture you can edit you order before you confirm it and a invoice is sent you on e-mail. 

CONFIRMATION OF ORDER is done in several ways dependant on what the arranging club has desided. Here is the alternatives: 

1. Payment is done via PayPal. By confirming the order, you will be set to the PayPal system for payment. You will then pay the booking either from your PayPal account or by credit card. (See another menu for payment description). When payment is done you will come back to AgiPro and can verify that your order has been accepted. 

2. Payment is done to the arranging clubs bank account. You will the remain in AgiPro after confirming the order. Yiou then have to tranfer money to the club and the club will confirm payment via AgiPro when they received the money. At this point the booking are completed in AgiPro.

     *The club can also chose to set your order in a wait status instead of sending you a invoice. A message about this will be sent you on e-mail. If this is done, wait until the club sends you a invoice and then do the payment. The booking is not fulfilled until payment is registrated in the system. Information on the status of the booking can be seen on the page Mypage/General.

3. Payment is done on the competition arena. If this option is used you will be guided back to the AgiPro system after having accepted the order. You will get a invoice in e-mail. Bring this with you to the competition and pay your fee in the reseption office of the competition. They will then registrate the payment and you are ready to compete. 

When you are back in AgiPro you may want to verify your booking. Go to Mypage section, General menu and you will see all competitions you are booked into but not partisipated in yet. Of course, to be visible on this page you must have received a invoice as a result of your booking. (See picture below)

You can see here that I am booked on Haugesund og Omegn hundeklubb run 6, Agility and  Norsk teststevne, in the run 6, 8 and 9 for Agility. If you click on the competition line you will be set to the competiton section and this spesific competition. The partisipation will be placed in a run for your spesified skill level and hight the moment the arrangement responsible person makes the competition ready for result registration. (Makes a Ring PC). This information is for this reason not visible on this page as it may change if you change your dogs data. If your dog escalates one level in skill you just have to update your dogs data and the bookng in future competitons will automaticly change to the run with this skill level. (If there is a corresponding run for this skill level in competiton). If there is any doubt about this, talk to the arrangement responsible. You can also look on the competition section, RUN menu - if the run has a status as published (Right hand side on the white main stripe) it is prepared for registration of results. If the status PUBLISHED is already set when you cange the dogs skill it will not be automaticly changed for this run, and you have to inform the arrangement responsible about this.