DogPage for all dogs.

'This is how Dogpage looks for all dogs you do not have administration rights to.  You can not change dtata for this dogs you can only read them.

Dogpage for your dogs

Picture under: This is how the DogPage for your dogs looks. It is quite similar to the page for all dogs, but you can click on the data and change most of them. Besides you have a picture of gears in the right hand side of the blue line. A click on this will bring you to a page where you can give admin. rights to other people if you want to. In the general meny on the blue line, you can see/change information about your dogs skill level chamions title, size, handler and owner. This is data that have to be correct if the system shal give you the right functions. This must therefore be maintained if it changes during your dogs agility career. 


IMOPRTANT!! Be aware that tis data is tightly connected to the rule set given above this area on the right. A rule set is the rules that a competition is arranged by and the data below can therefore be diffrent form country to country

 Changing your dogs data will automaticly change your dogs booking on future competitions, also the once you already have booked. This is used p.ex. when you change skill level. Again - remember to update the correct rule set. 

You can also use this page to put in your own pesonal notes about your dog(s). This notes will not be visible for other than persons with admin. rights to your dog.