This menu gives an overview over the dogs you have registered in the AgiPro system. You can register a new dog from this page by clicking on the +New dog button in the right upper corner. See a description on how to register a new dog under the start section of

Right under the Picture of the dog(s) there are som vital data about this dog. By clicking on the dog you will get to the dogs page, and can maintain the dogs data if neccesary. To change the dogs data, just click on the text and you will get a field where you can edit the data. Remember to click save when finished. Look at the user guide for the Dog side for more detailed description of this. Be aware that the data in the white square will change with your choice of Rule set. This is explained fully in the register your dog explenation and in sentral consepts explenation.

To be able to give administration rights to other users for your dog(s) you can click on the gears on the blue line (marked with read in the picture). The AgiPro users you give administrator rights will be able to change your dogs data. This can be convenient if you are more people in the same family  competing agility - you probably  want one family member(or club member)  to be able to change dog data and book competitions. This can be done if you have administration rights. Look at the picture below. Those who are transported to the Administrator for the dogs side are given this rights.  Transfer is done by clicking on the user name and then on the "New" button. To remove the rights, you do the same with the "Remove" button. If the list is too long to roll in, use the search users field for getting a shorter list. You can search on both name and AgiPro ID.