If you have got a dog you want to compete agility with it is neccesary to register this dog in AgiPro. This will give you the following options if the competition uses AgiPro as arrangement support system.

  • The dogs data will already be registered so the system will pick out the right possible classes for you when you book a competition.
  • The dog is given a agipro ID. This will be used to identify your dog at the start in all AgiPro  competitions. This number can be attached to your clothes permanent. Then you will not have to show up a new start number every time you start. Startnumber exsist in AgiPro also, but only to keep track of the starting order, not to identify the dog/owner.
  • You can later search for all results for this dog across all competitions registered in AgiPro.

How to register a new dog:

1. Go to My page section, my dog or Dog page section, and click on the "+ new dog" button.

2. You will then come to a page where you can enter your dogs data.

You will be challenged to fill in all data as they are all used in different places in AgiPro it is important that they are as correct as possible. In the upper part of the picture abowe is fixed data about your dog. On the lower part of the screen there is mostly data that can vary as the agility career goes further. This is p.ex. skill level. Skill level and hight is also connected to the Rule set - so it is important to get this right for each rule set. A rule set is the set of rules used by a competition and might vary. This can be NKK rules in Norway, or DKK rules in Denmark. You might not have the same qualification rules for skill level in both countries, and  will therefore compete in different classes in this two countries.

Upper part.

Chip ID: This is the number identifying your dog, either set by a chip in the neck or by a tattoo in the ear. This might be controlled if there is any doubt that you are starting with the right dog.

Registration Number: Your dogs registration number in your country. Normally this is given by your countrys kennel club. This have to be as correct as possible (with correct small and big letters). This is used to report data about your dog to the kennel club and is nor recognized if nor correct. This is fixed as soon as it is registered, so corrections have to be done by sending a mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to us for correction.

Pet name: Your dogs pet name (Daily name ).

Pedigree name: Your dogs full name and breeders name. .

Male: Chose your dogs sex

Breed: Chose your dogs breed from this list. (English names) If yiour breed is not on the list, pls. let us know so we can correct the list.

"Picture": Click on the dog picture. You will be given the chance of entering your own picture of the dog. This picture will be visible to the person registering results, and is a nice feature for controlling that the result is registered on the right dog. Pls. use pictures less than 3 MB.

Birth date: Chose the birthdate of your dog from a calender.

NKK: Enter the normal ruleset for your dog to compete under. Your local organization. This is connected with your skill level and high as the system choses classes for you when you book a competition. If you at a later sage will compete in a competition arranged with another rule set you have to go to your dogs data and register the right hight and skill for that rule set.

Country: The country your dog is registered in. . 

Titels: Here is a possibility to register your dogs titles for display in any given list it is convenient.


Lower  part - 

(Be aware that all data in this part is relative to the roole set.  In the picture abovr that is the upper 2. field to the right reading NKK)

Roole set is neccessary to distinguish between countries rooles for skill and higth classes. This might be different for Norway (NKK) and eks. Germany (Other). 


Agility: You  chose the skill level for your dog in Agility runs here, dependent on what level you compete. This must be maintained by the handler if you qualify for new levels. If the dog is agility champion you cross uot the filed to the rigt of the skill level number. 

Jump:  You  chose the skill level for your dog in Jump runs here, dependent on what level you compete. This must be maintained by the handler if you qualify for new levels. If the dog is jump champion you cross uot the filed to the rigt of the skill level number. 

Size: Chose your dogs size level here. (small, medium or large).

Default handler: You put the name of the person that modst often handels the dog here. You can change this in every booking, but standard handler is given automaticly to save time in booking. 

Formal owner: Put in the name opf the dogs formal owner. This is nessesary som times to identyfy the dog in foregin registers not controled by AgiPro. This field is not used for other purposes in AgiPro, as we always refer to the handler. 

 When all data is regsitered properly you click the blue SUBMIT button. This ends the registration prosess and the system gives your dog a number called AGiPro ID. This will appear on  the dogs page when you return to the dog page or the my dog page.