Collective results and invoice for more than one competition.

League, a dimention in AgiPro that allows you to tie several competitions together in severalø functions. 

  • Collective invoice for all competitions in the league.
  • Posibility for manual approval of bookings
  • Sale of equal camping and other products for all competitions 
  • Add together results from several runs
  • Automatic creation of finale runs with prioritized startlist. 

League is a service set up by need and can easy service arrangements like

  • Double competition during a weekend
  • A week of agility with several competition on one place. 
  • CUP, arranged with a number of competitions thoughout a year or other period.

It is  easier for the competitiors and audienceto follow the results troughout a tournament by calculation of finale qualification as the competiton goes on. This makes the tournament more exiting to follow. See this in more detail on the deskription of this funtions in the spesific menues. 


The mail picture is: 

Click on the + sign to make a new league. You will then get a picture where you have to fill in information about the league. This is simple, just fill in the name of the league an a slogan for this league. You have to connect this with the right rule set, and if you want put your own picture where the big L is.  Just click on the L and chose one of your own pictures. When this is done click on the BUY button. This cost of using a league covering 5 competitions kost NOK 300 and is payed trough the PayPal payment system. You can use creditcard or PayPal account. 


Furter action in the opening of a league is to do the payment in PayPal or with a credit card. ( see the competition section/for competitors to se the payment discription) After the payment is accepted you will be set up with a administrator menu for this League. This is how it will look. 


In the right-top of this picture is where you want to put in adress and telephone for the league responsible person. You can also put down other information about the league in the white field under the blue line.

If you have invited competitions to partisipate in the league, they will show in the picture below. But before they become active they have to be invited into the League.  This is done under the League/competition menu. You will get a overview over possible competitions to chose from. The reason we have set this up this way is to make all competition responsible aware that they partisipate in a League and put them in full control of what their dtata is used for. The full prosess is that the invitation is sent by mail to the competition responsible and they will answer by clicking on a accept link in the mail. When this is done the competiton is avaliable as a part of the league.