Merged invoce comes from a need when you arrange a big event with several competitions. That is more than one competiton under one common administration when you want to make a simpler economic overview and easier payment for the competitiors. This is how:

1. Make a League for the competitons you want to administrate. (See menu for this )

2. Go to the League/Invoice menu to get a merged invoice overview for this competitions. With this picture you can work with the merged invoices of the league as shown in the picture.

If you want to send a merged invoice to Tove Nordsrøm, you seek her up (Tove) in the filter. In this picture there is already sent a invoice to her. If it has not been sent, there would be a button here to send a invoice (Here is is labeled "re-send").

This way you can send merged invoices (and re-send them) to separate useres. If you want to clean up all over, you can go to the button on the left side and click on "Send all merged innvoices". This will pick all avaliable invoices and send them as merged invoices. 


  • Merged invoice does not include invoices sent before. This may have been done by sending a invoice from the Competition menu. 
  • Merged invoice does not include posts where invoice is sent automaticly. This happens when you pay with the PayPal sevices. 
  • A invoice is sent only if there exists a confirmed order. If the order is set on WAIT the invoice is not included in the merged invoice. 


The whole thing is quite simple but we are not satisfied if we can not make changes or what? By clicking " delete "on an invoice, it is converted to an order containing the same lines as the invoice. This order can be changed and confirmed for a new invoice to be made. Be aware that the orders exist only on a competiton level, but you can use the League/order menue to get the order lines in a deleted merged invoice. This lines can be deleted in this overview. If you wish to make new bookings, you have to do this through the normal booking menu in each competiton.  Remember that if there is done a change to an order, the order has to be confirmed again to be invoiced. ( A button for this is shown on the place of the delete buton)