In some occations it can be nnice to be able to sell products though a league. This can be if you have a offer of camping site though a whole week of agillity with several competitions. It can also be because you want to arrange a CUP though a longer periode where you want to sell T-shirts or other promotion products  that has connection with the CUP. You will then get this products avaliable in all the competitions in the cup and can even use the merged invioce to collect the money if you wish. 

To make a new League product you have to go to the product menue in the League section. Then you click " + New Product" above the blue product line. You have to fill inn the name, prize and description fileds. The description field is dedicated for a more detailed desription of the product. It might be that you have a product in diffrent sizes like small, medium and large. And it might be diffrent colors as well. To avoid making one product pr. size and color, you can as the buyer to spesify this things. You can click on + New parameters and use this field to spesify size or/and color. 

When you later click on the product on the League line, the product will pop up the way it will present itself to the buyers. You can click on the shopping cart to order. Then you will get a picture where you can type your comments to the order. This is the users part of the parameter setting in the system. 

Click on the Buiy button and the order is put together with your bookings in the competition and other orders. When you write a invoice for the League this will also show up on a merged invoice.