This is the main menu  contence of AgiPro  ( sections)

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Beside the sectipon menue you can chooose your language for the system. The flag for your language is displayed beside your picture.

Short about the menues. 

These menues are explained in their own chaptures. I will explain the overall functionality here. 

My Page

This page gives a overview over the users data in the system. You can see what dogs you have, what results you have and what competitions you are booked on further on. You can also verify what competitions you have arrangement responsibility for and if you are registered as a judge on some competition. You can even make your own notes about yourself as you want. This page is only visible to the person currently logged on the system.

Dog page

Here you find the data about all dogs registered in AgiPro. You can search by AgiPro ID or name and look at this dtata but not change them. You can see what classes they partisipate in, who is handler, what competitions they are booked into and what results it have. The page is mant as a information page for othther dogs than your own where yiu can follow your friends progress and activity. 


This page is ment to give a overview over the competitions registrated in the system. By chosing a competition you can book your partisipation in the classes you are qualified for in the competition, get access to the data the arranging club has put in and what products (camping etc.) is avaliable on the competition. The arranmgement people chose this options by setteing up the system parameters if you are to pay though AGiPro or manual prosedures. They put in who is judges, timetable for the runs in the competition and a lot more. This is ment to be the information window to the compettitors. 

Registration PC   -   Tere is made a spesial registaration module for AgiPro. This module is downloaded on the on a PC for use in the competition ring, when you have prepared the system to run a competition. There can be several PCs - one for each ring. If theren is no intrenett access  on the competition site, this PC will work fully on its own. It will however syncronise with the internett server as soon as it is connected to internett, so you can update your online results. This will also work on a site with unstable internett connnection because it will use the periodes it has connection to syncronise the data. If there is a internett connnection on the competition site, the results will show on internett as the competition goes, and the audience can follow the competiton all over the world. 


The different competitons can be looked at as one unit by using the League section. You can p.ex. send one invoice for several competitions. This means that you can arrange a week of agility  and call each day a competition. You can still use the league to make this competitions have unifyed funtions as one invoice and results added together for several competitions. This makes it possible to arrange a yearly cup and keep track of the results here. There is also a possibility to sell League related products trough this module. Each competition has to be invited into the League, so you have full controll over who is League partisipants. 

Several languages

The program is made to function in many countries though the wold. We expand the the language translation as the system is taken into use in new countries. In all the system is made to help you with everything connected to administration of a agility competition including economical control and asessment. We have integrated the payment system PayPal to help you collect money from the partisipants. PayPal is handelig all kind of currancy and is vell suited even if the partisipants is form diffret countries. .