My page is ment to gather all information connected to one person - or handler, you. You will get overview over your booked competitions, what dogs you have registered, teams you have partisipated, roles you have, and what ordres you have.

In the upper half of the picture, between the two menu lines you will find your fixed data. You will have the option of adding a picture also. The menu line for My page is the blue line in the middle of the picture. Look at menus on this page for detailed description of each menu.

The fixed information about you (eksept the picture) is from your user registration picture. This is:

Picture, clcikk on the square with a man shape figure in, chose a picture from your own collection. (Preferably under 3 MB)  

First name: Your first name Can be changed by clicking on the name

Last name: familiy name. Can be changed by clicking on the name.

AgiPro ID: Eks. on the picture is NOR-253. This is a number given by the system. It is used as a identification number all places and can be the ID you give at the startline in a contest.

House: Your full home adress ( maintenance by clicking on the line and change data.

Figure with paw: Chose dropdown menu to get the land you live in. All lands is written in English

Envelope: Your mail adress . If you want to change this adress, you send your nes adress to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This will be changed by the system administrator because we so far want to have a manual control to ensure proper functionality in the system.