Parameter setup is very important to get right,

othervise your system will not function the way you want.

This have to be done before you start the booking part of the competition.

(Competiton page upper part - start booking date)

1. Go to the Competition section (upper menu)

2. Click on the gears (almost far right) in the competition menu line (maintenance of parameters) 

3. Chose what to do on the new parameter menu popping up.

In the Organizer menu you type data about the organizers organisation. You type Name, organization no., adress and country. Remember that this data is used to type lists and reports other places in the system, so it is imporant to give the right information for the system to give you the right feedback.  

Go on to the parameters for competition. Here you will see the following.

1. Security code for Ring PC - This is used when you want to activate the Ring PC used to registrate results. This code must be copied into the Ring PC when it is started the first time. This is done to make sure that you have the right data on this PC. Otherwise you might have a program with data from a old competition sitting on the PC and gets confused with this. 

2. Order Type

- Direct is used to make payment trough PayPal.

BE AWARE:  This cost money (see payment menu), and the organizer will be charged for the use. This also means that when this order is comfirmed thoug a invioce and active payment trough PayPal, it can not be changed by the customer. If the order have to be changed it must be done by the organizer , that will cansel the order, change it and send a new invoice. This may makes changes in the payment and it has to be agreed between the organizer and the customer how this shal be done. 

- Temporary : This gives the user (customer) posibility to change the order until the the booking is closed. This is mostly used when the organizser receives the payment to his bank or the order is payed in cash, and they do it either at the end of the booking periode or at the competition area. 

BE AWARE: This data is dependent on what is set in the parameters for payment. If Paypal is used this parameter is locked to Direct.  

3. Max no. of  runs pr. person, pr. day. This is a factor that can be used on competitions with a big no. of competitors and you want to limit the partisipation. This number gives the maximum no. of runs the handler can book per. day in the competiton. If the handler tries to book more, they will be denied this.  

4. Max-time factor: This parameter desides what the max. time of the competiton should be in conjunction with the std. time. The system calculates the max. time this way: "Standard time x factor = Max. time. "

CLOSE COMPETITION - Do not click on this before you are completly finished with the competitin. This locks ALL teh competiton dataIt is used to secure the competition data against change whan every thing is finished. 

Go on to the Payment menu.

1. Payment type: IMPORTANT! You chose how you want to collect money for products and startfee in yuor competiton here. Your posibilities are

  • PayPal system (transaction fee will be invoiced), will be transferred to you from AgiPro AS.
  • Transfer to your bank account (manual uppdate of AgiPro)
  • Cach on the site. (manual uppdate of AgiPro)

If you chose PayPal the money will be transferred to you from AgiPro AS. It will normally be done as close to the competition date as possible, due to the settelment shown on this menu for the competition. It will be done to your bank account if it is given to the agipro system. If you need money on diffrent time or a diffrent way this can be agreed with AgiPro AS. 

2. PayPal ID - You set in your e-mail set up in your PayPal account (if you have one). The settelment from AgiPro AS will be transferred to this account if you want. This can be left blank if you do not have a PayPal account. The link below the field will bringh you to the PayPal system if you want to set up an account. Getting an accuont is free, the cost is coming when transferring money to your account. (The receiver has to pay the transfer fee)

3. Currency - Here you can chose the currency you want to get money in when you reseive the partisipation fee or payment for other services.  

4. Fee for first run booked.  - Some organizsers want to set up a extra start fee for entering the competiton and have a lower fee for each run. Enter the pize for the first run booked by a handler here. 

5. Due time for payment - You set the due date for payment in this field. The time is normally the same date as you book when you use PayPal. You the set the overal due time here to the same date as end of booking time. The same is natural if you use payment to your own bank account. If you want payment in cash on the competition arena you put the competition date in this field. If you for some reason accepts booking after the booking end date, this has to be entered by the organizser. The payment in this case also have to be controled and levyed by the organizer manually. 

CONDITIONS  FOR SERVICE is the prize list for services done by AGiPro or PayPal.  You cn see the PayPal prizes at the top two lines of the picture. They claim a fixed amount for the transaction and an additional fee set to a % of the amount payed. Then there is a cost for using the AgiPro system set to a fixed amount pr. run booked and a % of the amount claimed for product sale. 


Then we have the e-mail menu. Here it is possible for you to set the e-mail tekst and adresses for system produced e-mail that you want to send. You can use this to send spesific messages to your partisipants automaticly trough the system. In the upper part of the picture you spesify the name of the sender of the e-mails, so it looks that it is coming from you, the organizer. 

1. Senders name - put in the name of the organizer, it can be the club, a person or another organization.

2. Answer to - Set in the E-mail adress you want the reseiver to respond to when they send an answer. Most people will respond by clicking resond in their mail, the mail is set up to give them this adress when they do that. 

3. Send copy to - If somebody wants to have control over what the system sends to the partisipants, you can set up a e-mail adress to keep a copy of all the mail. Put the adress in here and you have full control. (OBS! it might be a lot of mail here)

Your own text. In addition to the standard text for the difrent mails, you can give yuor own text for this mails. They will be added to the standard text from the system. Thid can be mails for 

  • Confirmation of booking
  • Invoice
  • Wait for approval (of booking) message 
  • Reminder (of payment)

Click on the white field to start editing the text for the e-mails. 

If you do not want the whole job of administrating the system yourself, it might be a good idea to delegate some of it. Then you must make more system administrators. This can be done by clicking on the "+ New administrator" sign in the administrator menu. Chose the AgiPro user you want to have this rights. You can chose as many as you want. If they are not AgiPro useres already, you have to tell them to register a user in the system before you can do this. 

If you have helpers that will do only result registration on a Ring PC and nothing else in the organizer part of the system, you want to register them as a secretary. This will give the propper rigths to do this job. (those who are registrated as judges will also have the right to approve resuts in the Ring PC besides the administrator.)

The last parameter menu is not exactly a parameter, but it might help you to give a good service to your fellows competitors in a competition. If they claim to go in a skill level higher in the next run in the competition, or in the competition the day after, you canhelp them to update teir dogs parameter. 

Go to the Doglist menu in parameters and use the seach field to find the right dog. Then you as a competiton administrator can set the skill level for Agility and jump in this picture. When you change the number you must remember to clikck Save to make it stick.

On the right side of the dogline you will se the runs in this competition this change will be valued for. At the same time you aught to check if this run is prepared in a Ring PC yet. If it is, you have to warn the ring personel that there is a change they have to take care of in the ring. If the Ring PC is not set up yet, it will be taken care of by AgiPro, so you do not have to worry about it. The prosess for handling a new skill level in the Ring PC is described under the menu of result registration.