The startlist has many funktiones that hjelps you control the arrangement.

Find dog

If you have a dog on the startline that you do not find on the list, you may seach for it. Put the dogs name or AgiPro ID in the filter field, and your missing dog will appear clear on the startlist. Just click on the dog and you have it for regsitration in the registration picture. 

Add dog

If the dog is booked in the competition you will be able to add it to this run trough the startlist. Click on the + sign and try to type the AgiPro no. or name in the dogs field. If the system finds the dog it will appear with a AGiPro ID  on a list you can chose from. If you cab chose it will automaticly com in field 2. If not you will have tio retype the name in field two. The dog will then be registered with a AgiPro ID starting with ANO- and can be handeled in the system in furtehr competitions and Leagues as log as it is referred to by this number. If the statistics of this dog belongs to a dog with a different AgiPro no. this have to be corrected manually. With this functions you can handel a need for late booking  on the field etc. if nessesary.  If there is a internet connection on the field I will prefer to go through normal booking prosedures or correct the data of the dog with a new skill level to correct the problem This will mailtain the correct statistics of the dog and need no manual corrections. 

In the picure below you will see the dog is not found in the competition data and has to be retyped in bouth fiels. The handler is found (has a AgiPro no.) and can be lifted into field two by picking the riht person. 

Move dog on the list

You can move the dog whereever you want on the statlist by using the drag and drop function. Grip the handle on the left side of the dogline and drag the dog to the right pace. This can come in handy if you have a ahndler with two dogs that have startnumbers close to each other, and want to move either of them. 

Delete dog or place them at the end of the startlist

If you get a message about a bitch i heat and want to put it at the end of the list, do so by clicking on the pencil at the right. Then you will get two new symbols at the left of the dogline. Klick on the handle at the left and the dog is set as the last start on the list. (but it keeps the no. just for historic referances) 

If you want to delete the dog on this run - just click on the cricle with the line and it will disappear from this run. This might be a function to use if the dog shold partisipate in another skill level than it is registered. The dog will then have to be added (+ sign) in the run it will partisipate.