AgiPro is a Internet based system, and is dependent on internett to function properly. The exception is the result registration mudule thet will work all by it self without internett connection. It will howewer syncronice with the internet server as soon as it is given Internett access. 


Some sentral, important termes. 

AgiPRO username: This name is the same as AirPro user ID. It is given by the sysytem as you register you user and is unique for you. This means that it can be used as a catalog number for all the AgiPro administered competitions you partisipate in. It also means that you can mark your competition dress with this number and use it as a identifyer on all compettions (You are not forced to use a start number for this). 

Dogs AgiPRO ID have the same function for the dog as the AgiPro ID has for you. It can be used as a start identifyer in competitions and be used as a catalog number for all competitions. Yiou can also mark your gear with this nuber to make it clear for the arrangement people that this is the dog to start. 

Roles: AgiPro operates with diferent roles dependent on how you use the system. This is the different roles: 

  • Normal user
  • Arrangement responsible
  • Competition secretary
  • Judge
  • Dog owner

Normal user: As a normal user you will have the rights to make a user ID and confirm a valid e-mail adress. You are alowd to book your dog on competitions and order camping and stuff sold on competitons. You can register your dogs  in the system and give administration rights for the dog to other AgiPro members. All users with administyration rioghts will be able to maintain data for the dog as they change. 

Arrangement responsible: If you add a new competition in the system you are given the role as arrangement resonsible and have alle administrator rights for the competiton. This means you will have a whole set of new menues in the Competition section of the system to be able to take controle over your arrangement. You can also give this rights to other AgiPro users and give secretary rights to those who will take care of the results registration. 

Competition secretary:  You are given rights to register results in the Ring PC program. This status is ment for those who operates as result registrators in the ring. 

Judge are normaly registrered in the system by arrangement responsible. Those who are registered as judges have to me AgiPro users. They will be given their own menu under the  Mypage sectiom. This menu will show all the competitons they are booked on as a judge. 

Dog owner: Those who enter a dog in the system will be given administrator rights on this dog. They can give other users the sa¨me rights as it can be conveniant that all member of a family has this rights for all teh familys dogs.