When you have set up your own Ring PC for your runs, you can start the Ring PC by logging into your PC the normal way. Go to C: and look for the catalog AgiPro. You will fing a file amrked with a paw called AgiPro.exe. Start the program by clicking on it. (In the future it might be convenient to make startable from your PC desk.) Yoiu will be asked to log into the program, and do so by using your normal AgiPro user and password. You must be  defined as a competition administrator, judge or secretary to do this. 


BE AWARE: If this is the first time you start the program after the creation of the Ring PC you will be asked to enter a start key for the program. This is done to ensure that you have the right dataset in the pc. This way you will not mix up the dtata with previous datasets in the same computer. Yiu will find the password under competition parameters in the server (internet) program. Just copy it and paste it here. That is why it is a good idea to open the program the first time when you are still on the internett. When the code is entered once you will come directly to the program menu the next time. 

In the picture above you can see how you pick the data for your ring, so you do not have to be disturbed by other data. Just pick the right ring no. in the filter field. You can also use the other filter to pick the right class or run by seaching for agility or jump runs. 

In the first column in the run line (white) you can se a status of this run.  This might be: 

* Sitting dog. = run has not started

* Running dog = run has started but is not finished.

* Flag = løpet is finished

Click on the run you will do registration for. You will enter a picture where you will give std. time and length of the course. This have to be set, so if you do not know for the time, set 1 to bouth fields and confirm. This will make it obvious to you later that it is wrong and have to be entered at a later ritme. If it is not set right the calculation of the result  will be wrong. It can be altered at any time, and the result will be recalculated automaticly. 


When this is done you come to the startlist of registration module (Ring PC). The module is divided in 3 mail pictures, startlist, registration and resultlist. For further instructions about how to use this pictures effectively, go to the Result registration menu in to read more.