AgiPro - an online system for arranging agility competitions.

AgiPro is buit on more than 15 years of experience. AgiPro is built on modern prinsippals, and is a arrangementsystem all can use. All you need to make a well organised arrangement is there.  All you have to do is to make a user and start. 

The System is built like this:



The different phases of a arrangement is defined between the red stripes. This is ment to illustrate that when theese dates are passed it will no longer be possible to make changes in sertan parts of the system without bad consekvenses for other parts of the arrangement An example is that before you start a booking periode you have to set up what classes you want to arrange and what the prize of  competing will be. The arrangement date needs to be established. If this is not set, the competitiors will be booking their participance on diferent terms dependent on when they book. This created a lot of noice, misunderstandings, fustration and extra work.


In this phase it is mostly booking of partisipants that is happening. Dependent on how the system is set up, payment will be done at the same time, either tough PayPal or direct to your own account. You can also choose to take payment on site. You can start preparation of the competiton plan by contiualy observe how many partisipants you have. Presale of camping, t-shirts and other products can be done trough AgiPro while booking.


When the booking time is out, you can start the detailed planning of the competition. Now you know the number of partisipants, and can decide the no. of rings, judges, camping area etc. Of course the system allows the arrangement committee to take booking even on the field during the competition.  This will be done only under control of the arrangement committee that have to make sure it does not disturb the arrangement planes. As the planes are countinualy updated for the partisipants as they are entered into the system this things will also make the information unclear.


When the competition is ready planned and system is set up right you will make a registration PC for each ring prepared with data from the system. The registration on this PCs will be done in parallell and reports data continuously to the server when they are connected to the internet. If internet is not avaliable at the arrangement area, the PCs have to be prepared in forhand, and they will operate as stand alone units during the competition. When the PC is connected to the internett it will automatic report its data to the server and internett results are updated. If internet is avaliable on the competition area, all partisipants can use the AgiPro system to see the resulta from the competiton online. All neccesary information to run the competition will be stored lokaly on the ring-PC. All neccesary after competition work will be done trough AgiPro on intrenett.


The system is made for international use. It is easy to translate to other languages. This will be done as soon as somebody wants it. There is also a code for differing between several rules in different countries. This makes it easy to adopt to new rules as it is used in a new country. As an example it is not certain that the dog starts in the same skill level in Norway and Germany. This makes it necessary to differ between competitions held by German rules and Norwegian rules and connect this with the dogs. By giving the right setting in the system it will keep track of this. The system also have possibilities to use the international payment system PayPal. This will operate over borders and keep track of the different currensies.


The League module in AgiPro will be able to add together results from several competitions and runs.  This ca be done across country borders and might give the oportunity to arange p.eks. a Nordic cup containing results from competitions from several countries.


The system is now used over several competitions, even with limited internet availability for several years. It is prized by use, so you pay by the number of partisipants you have in the competition. We have however set a opening  prize for a competition to prevent unserious users to open fiktive competitions and  put bad data into the system. If you want to play arounf\d with the system for learning purposes we can give yiu access to a testsystem. Just send a mail on the andres This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You find a detailed userguode on  www.agipro,info.


All clubs sending mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking about a introduction offer for 2016 will be given one competiton for free. They have to pay the opening prize of NOK 400,-, but it will be reimbursed to their account. Use of PayPal have to be payed for by normal PayPal rates. This makes it possible for clubs to be introduced to the system without any cost at all.


Open competition: NOK 400
Pr. run, pr. dog: NOK  5,-
Use of PayPal payment system

ca. NOK. 4,- pr. dog, pr. run

(somewhat dependent on your startfee)

Estabishing a new League for up to 5 competitions

NOK 300,-

Detailed user functions avaliable on  www.agipro,info.

Good luck with your agility shows!

Regards from

Your Agipro team.